Jenny Davis

October 24, 04

Extract from proposal for Calling project:
I am interested mainly in developing a creative response and piece of artwork rather than social treatise. A finished piece which resembles a visual tapestry of story, poetry and music. The tapestry is not a coincidental motif but one which is emblematic of Black Women’s struggle.....

Making a dummy piece. What's clear is images should not be so obvious. There is too much baggage now attached to images from Slave trade...
Have to be cautious that I am not simply peddling tired metaphors. 'Yeah yeah yeah we know that already yawn'
Really useful discussion with Folake. If I become bored or preachy or didactic this will be the biggest switch off.

Clear that this will be a tapestry cum quilt. Something you can walk around. You touch panels and activate an image or audio file. A monitor screen embedded in the tapestry.
Personal narratives of three generations rather than interviews.
Two sides of the tapestry illustrate questions and responses. Responses rather than answers. There is a difference.

It has to be fun and it has to be beautiful to draw the viewer's eye.

Seduce and lure then before you know it, a tricky narrative is offered up to you. Except you're not really aware how tricky and difficult it is.
A bit like when I used to make the children walk miles when they were small with bribes of chocolate at every milestone. They were too busy munching and anticipating the next to notice how far they were walking.
So it's something like that I'm after.

The tricky bit is how to make the damn tapestry. It's got to be beautiful, not look like someone who failed their Home Economics O level.

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