Jenny Davis

August 23, 04

This has been quite a journey so far. What's been particularly interesting is that digital stuff has really become centre stage. I'm in this place where trying to understand and learn the digital process has rather subsumed the creative. Not the best but it's a starting place, i guess. There are two emotions competing right now...barely restrained anxiety and intrepid excitement.

I open the power book with some's like a dog...sniffing my fear and then delivering a surprise yak at the ankles. 'It' lost my work...or the images that i was so far 'playing with'. Between the last time and now...somewhere in between when the lights were off...when it had supposedly shut down...the dam thing was probably chewing my stuff a dark corner. 'That'll teach her...'

So i tentatively put my hand out and start playing again....[bad workman and all that]. Gave up after a few painfully chewed hours and went for a walk in the park which was rather beautiful and lush and pungent with the smell of wet grass...after so much rain. The sun was making all the trees look fragile and dappled and then a kind of idea was forming itself. My trusty creative process was there again. But how to reconcile it with what's going on in my study right now...that snarling dog on my desk. How are we going to work together? I'm wondering...if i try to share my idea with it...will it just bite my fingers, or worse devour i'm left with a few spittled crumbs. If I'm not careful i can foresee 2 parallel processes and neither quite converging. Early days?

(Conversation with Osunwunmi, August 28
I'm glad you've got a trusty muse, mine's a right slag
Jenny: I hope it doesn't sound too complacent. All she did was go for a walk in the park with me.
Osunwunmi: I think that's trusty. You look round, and there she is beside you.
Jenny: She runs out the door as soon as I open this thing (indicates laptop). I call it the dog, you know. A big rough fierce dog. I hope it'll allow me to be friends with it.