Gloria Ojulari Sule

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The ending is nigh and I feel I am ready to start right now, and could come to grips with a lot more with time; but my time is always subject to inconsistancies so all that remains is a big bowl of framented pieces of half-developed ideas, yes some are out there, some are shelved, but things are never concluded that’s the way it is and will always be no doubt.

Time to reflect is not granted me yet as I put together my installation and reflect on the proposal. I see I am on task and will have concept for the project on show at Open Studios Spike Island by the end of the month.

I am bringing it all together in the studio, making the space for hanging the transcripts of texts prepared on the laminates, and working out how to show the movies and how to create the right lighting effect for shadowing.

In this installation I have plans to show as much as I can the realationship between the residency and my work overall that is presumably to give an impression about myself as an artist. I want to answer some questions about who I am and what I do. The space will be over the top with other works and items, artifacts. I am the work so let me be putting some real feeling in there maximising on the options for new developments opened up through ‘Calling’. To set the scene with a multi-media show is a challenge and my making comparison of my own work to that of the Brusce Nauman show was ambitious, naive and slightly misgided. It takes wealth and time to go large but I have plans to let it be known I have plenty to offer with the work so lets see.......

I would like to make more reflection on the project as a whole, and all the tings that have happend to me in the last six months, didn’t come back to the bang bang shooting and the disasters incurred before and after that is another story, difficult to deal with now but that’s for later too...

April 11

The Pixelated Shelf has grown and continues to expand as it gives birth to more ideas with every new addition. The organism is beginning to merge the migrations of others with personal reflections on my own fragmented lifetime of moving home. I estimate at least 23 moves since I left London for the first time at the age of four and took the train journey from Liverpool Street to Diss, where my Dad, my baby brother and myself disembarked and took the picturesque route to the outskirts of the village of Palgrave where we finally drove down the tree-lined drive to St John's a Church of England Children's home in the middle of the East Anglia countryside. Here my brother and I were left to live out the duration of our respective strange and confused childhoods. The shelf has is wavering on the idea of a mantelpiece a place of reflections and memories of objects that mark time. The shelf has a life..and the objects a shelf life.

The residency has generated new ideas and new ways of taking my work forward, the completion of my installation in the studio will generate ideas for future multimedia work when I can understand more resources for showing such as screens, monitors, and types of projection. I would certainly like to have had some time to focus on Flash and create an inter-active replica of the shelf, both the online and the actual having playful means of operating, the idea would work wonderfully: opportunity to move objects to make new arrangements or open up doors and to find new text telling new stories. These are future possibilities for me to develop...

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