Gloria Ojulari Sule

23rd Nov 04

I have mini imovies to edit for final cut, to move closer to the intended outcome. The audio work has started, I have today recorded the voices of five people. I am excited about the sound of these different voices filling the space, as I can sense how the sound will put the whole work into context and pull it together, at the mo it all seems a bit fragmented although that is actually a facet of the work.....or is the work.

It is pixilated: blocks of colours, mini movies, voice tones and verbal text, combining as the overall audio visual sensation. Therefore achieving the installation's message.... and the online piece - well that should really be interactive but that could be a complex thing to set up.



The Bruce Nauman’s ‘Raw Materials’ audio installation, currently in the Tate Modern, is a worthwhile experience. "'Raw Materials’ has transformed the cavernous space into a metaphor for the world "... but my work will surpass that, well, it will be a metaphor for the world but done in a less subtle minimalist way, more in a Gloria Ojulari Sule muddled, cluttered (presently replacing previous cluttered space, I'll never achieve the slick, clean style) kinda way.......... colourful languages in Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, and there’s patois and English accents and more.

I make the point in my proposal that twenty odd languages are spoken in the area of St Paul’s and Easton, I was told today 27, but someone else suggested there are even more than that. These voices will echo in the piece as the individuals identify themselves with small added comments, impressions, experiences and sentiments. Each voice will add a tone, a splash of colour, a hue to the work; I visualise the voices in colour form. My speakers have already offered the words in writing and this is a welcome contribution.



The layers of the work will be floating in the atmosphere but I see all as light and all as having an aesthetically pleasing outcome. The gun shot the blast the damage the pain as ever immersed not visible not audible that’s the way it is with me so I'll stick to what I know best what is in fact the only way I know.

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