Gloria Ojulari Sule

31 August 04

Gloria: These are part of the project - I'm going to experiment using text onto these. I want to create a body with text from different languages but the body's segmented and all broken up...

On these will be different words, hand, leg, arm, in different languages but some in the beautiful I'm thinking ok, it could cross a whole load of languages.



That's also going to be transported onto the transparencies - something hanging between the painterly work and the digital. And the digital will still have this kind of oceanic feel, ocean as kind of a transportable medium. So it's to do with people, movement, transition. I want to load these words onto the floating water.

Osunwunmi: So the digital work, you're thinking that's going to be projected?

G: Yeah

O: How are the paintings going to fit into it?

G: They're just going to be there.

O: Alrighty.

G: They're helping me visualise what I'm doing I suppose. Because in a way, my work being so painterly and physical, it's quite hard for me to move straight into using the computer. It's helping me kind of transport the ideas, and it's quite nice working through those mediums and colours to take the steps.


O: Does it bother you that the intensity of the paintings is so much richer than just about anything we ever see on a screen?

G: Well, I'm trying to gain that richness on screen...