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Teresa Dillon: using technology

The Game: "There aren't too many rules: the only rule is you've got to listen to each other. I'm going to play a basic background track and I want you to choose one of these technologies, these tools, to play with. I'm not going to tell you anything about how to use them. I'm not going to tell you how they work. Some of them are plastic-tastic, but some are a bit higher on the digital spectrum."

Feedback: "The thing that really strikes me is this thing about rules. I certainly assumed there were a lot of rules when there weren't any. The lesson would be, I guess, getting over the rules you don't even think you have about using digital media that stop you doing things..."

"What was the objective?" "The objective was in part to take these everyday objects, which some people could consider technologies, and learn how to play with them without really thinking twice about what you were picking up. Even before I started the CD people were picking things up and playing with them - that is the first thing we do as toolmakers, as humans. I was using all these things as a metaphor to explain how I think about digital technologies."

"Using all these disparate pieces of things, if you think about how we have come to this digital age that we're operating in, we have learnt how to appropriate, and what I mean by that is, make things our own. We have learnt to pick things up and use them, take something that's made and develop it for ourself, using it as a form of mediation, as a means to communicate."

"We often forget that there is a long history of how we had to learn to use things. For example, pen and paper, which you mightn't think of so much now as a technology at one point was the digital of it's day...similarly with fire, that was the first tool that was used to transform experience. I see technology as a way of transforming experience."

"If you think back to the first time you used a computer, the first time you got on a train, the first time you got on an aeroplane, these are all large-scale technologies that have transformed how we have lived our lives, in the process of everydayness they have become automatic and you don't even think twice about how you got there."

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