Ideas Day

Clodagh Miskelly: story, structure, metaphor

"Sometimes, having a fantastic malleable system you can do anything with is actually incredibly constraining, because sometimes constraints are things you can hold on to. But one of the interesting and malleable things about this medium is that you can use things from your own experience, though you have to digitise them. I've done storytelling projects with napkins from weddings, old scraps of paper that somebody wrote a note on that they've kept for ten years, their eviction notice..."

"Some of the work I do, people change things in order to get closer to what they feel is the truth. Sometimes it's about dissimulation, removing things, changing things, changing truth or hiding truth. From my interest in story as a way of making sense of experience it can be quite powerful because you can tell the same story in lots of different ways"

"In order to make a story understandable, or anything understandable in digital media, you have to make that relationship with the screen, whatever it is, manageable. There are the invisible metaphors that we have: file, desktop etc. which are based on the notion of an office...spatial metaphors, metaphors of the body, or metaphors like the tree as a kind of branching have to have some kind of layer in the front of the media, whatever you're using that enables you to click and explore. And that can become part of the story, can become part of what you're trying to say. Behind that metaphor of the interface, the thing you have to click on in order to have a story with different kinds of links from, you then have a structure."

"If you're going to have a story which is an interlinked story, which isn't going to be a beginning-middle-end story but is a story where you can click and explore and find out different narratives, using digital media you can structure that associatively. It could be chronological, it could be an alphabetical structure, or you could just link a picture to an idea, or link to a picture that reminds you of the story."

The Game: "Design very quickly in ten minutes an associative structure. Choose a picture and just link things to that picture - each link could be represented by a line. Anything that comes into your head. Don't take turns - link from other people's ideas as well as your own."

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