Dr Roz Hall, the evaluator, currently works at The Public, formerly Jubilee
Arts. The ongoing focus of her research is to develop an evaluation
methodology capable of recognising what may be happening during the course of creative arts projects, bearing in mind that expectations prescribing what is accounted successful may obscure the processes that are actually occuring.

As an evaluator, Roz Hall uses dialogue to uncover those things that emerge as being of value during a project, things which may be overlooked if there is a too-rigid reliance on prior definitions of value. The dialogue is mapped in order to articulate the rationale for the way the work develops, and in order to identify what the real value of the work is, in relation to those involved.

Findings arising through practice and dialogue engaged in throughout the residencies will inform the final structure of the evaluation.

Documentation by photographs, session diaries, video and interviews will be continuous throughout the project, and will be published online and used in the evaluation.