Who Stole Reality?

I think what we should be working on now is about how best we can “engage” with a big audience in the world, an audience who really do want to know what is going on. I want them to understand why things happen and what the context is and I want my films to make people think about the characters I show them, see them as individuals and if possible be able to relate to them.

I know I am very lucky to be doing the work that I do and I know how lucky I am to be working with the people I work with at Insight. In the future I think the greatest hope I have is that more story–tellers and film makers from Africa and the rest of the world can share my luck and gain the strength that I have gained to tell my stories as they are and not as some authorities or governments would want me to do.

I believe that proper journalism can bring real change to Africa and to the rest of the voiceless, defenceless majority in our very troubled world. I believe that democracies are empowered by informed electorates and I believe that every one of us is responsible, to at least some degree, for each other.

So I guess my real question I want to leave you with is this: would we ever get the opportunity to understand our real neighbours who one way or the other we not only have to keep doing business or going to war with but maybe sharing the same council block with? Maybe not with our broadcasters’ new found ‘reality’.

(To find out more about the films of Sorious Samura go to www.insightnewstv.com)