Who Stole Reality?

I wish I could convince broadcasters of this reality reporting so that they could save all their money on the Big Brother houses and all the other reality television studios they keep building and instead tell real stories about the one world we live in. How dare they call their world “reality” television!

Well perhaps this is because they believe that it is only their ‘reality’ that has brought them commercial success, therefore convincing themselves that it is justifiable to slow down on the ‘real reality’ programs that they believe keep dragging their ratings down.

There’s no doubt that the tension between making sure that the pockets of the shareholders are filled up and that of risking less popular but highly enlightening real stories is making the jobs of the broadcasters unenviable.

But beyond their commercial success and reality television boom, I just wonder if they realize how much responsibility they have towards their viewers who still rely on them for the information that helps them make important decisions for them and their children – decisions that may stay with them for life.
I never really think of myself as part of the television business. In fact I’ve only met very few people in the television business that I respect and admire.

The most difficult part of my job is working with my team as we all try to convince the next broadcaster to support our next project. I work with my team at Insight News TV in London and whilst we may have won all the awards for the films we’ve made in the past, it’s difficult to get a broadcaster to respond even to an email.

What we do is not popular at least with the broadcaster. I think our ideas make them uncomfortable but then that’s exactly how I feel about the way the world is. I’m uncomfortable, my stories are uncomfortable – that’s the real world I live in. I can’t change that and I don’t think it is my job to change that.

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