Who Stole Reality?

There’s something happening today in modern-day television that broadcasters are still at a loss to explain clearly to their audience, an already confused audience who at the moment must be wondering whether it’s them who are living in an unreal world or whether it’s just the English language or even their very trusted media that is playing some tricks on them.

At this point in time, it looks like they can’t quite see the difference or piece together the jigsaw between the “reality” of TV’s celebrity game shows and the hard-hitting ‘real’ reality of ordinary, innocent, voiceless people all around us.

For some of us, story tellers caught in the middle though, there’s no doubt that what we can see is nothing but a much darker and Hollywood reality that is being shoved in their face.

The sort of programs that help educate westerners about the cultures and life styles of people living in the developing world, a part of the world in which most of its people are today being referred to as ‘enemies of peace and democracy’, people who no doubt are more relevant to the western audience today than they have ever been, people me and you would want to know more about (perhaps need to know more about) seem to be vanishing at very high speed from our television screens.