Osunwunmi Biography

Osunwunmi: “I like Osun”’ except that in Yoruba the active and passive voices are switched, and the verb becomes transitive. Thus, “Osun makes me like her”.

If you can imagine Venus or Aphrodite or Freya as a small, rounded, but formidable woman, who is at the same time a chief, a priestess and a highly successful business woman (as well as being a godess); whose many children range in age from infancy to full adulthood; who has had several husbands and a whole stable of lovers, some divine, some really not; the delicacy of whose beauty and smoothness of whose complexion is enhanced by discreet facial scarification; a woman with crinkles round her eyes, a really dirty laugh and a gap between her teeth; then you would be on your way to imagining Osun.

Osunwunmi would, I suppose, find a state of Osun-ness to be something to aspire to.

Osunwunmi as an interrogatory and curatorial presence within Calling has an alter ego, Semantia, a being more generally attentive to academic proprieties. However it is not clear which of these two is the evil twin.