Calling was a year-long digital residency programme for three artists of African heritage. The residencies have now ended and work has been exhibition at venues across the South West of England. You can view online versions of the work here, view the artists' notes, and read essays contributed by Eddie Chambers, Keith Piper, and Sorious Samura amongst others.

Select below to view online representations of the artist's final pieces.


Threads by Jenny Davis
Quilt by Cedar

"I am interested mainly in developing a creative response and piece of
artwork rather than social treatise. A finished piece which resembles a
visual tapestry of story, poetry and music. The tapestry is not a
coincidental motif but one which is emblematic of Black Women’s


In Other Words by Gloria Ojulari Sule

"The Pixelated Shelf has grown and continues to expand as it gives birth
to more ideas with every new addition. The organism is beginning to merge
the migrations of others with personal reflections on my own fragmented
lifetime of moving home. The shelf is wavering on the idea of a
mantelpiece a place of reflections and memories of objects that mark time.
The shelf has a life..and the objects a shelf life."


Triptych: Veiled Woman by Dalila Hamdoun

“Although I do not start my work with an agenda, I tend to be political. I
believe we need stories and images, if only our own, to make sense of and
hold onto our freedom."

“The most difficult part of this residency was to engage any sort of
dialogue with a community who often wishes to be invisible but
obviously cannot be because of the veil."

Exhibition Commentary


CALLING: a Kuumba and Watershed joint project funded by Arts Council England.